We knew alot of people both here and overseas who had used homeopathic treatment successfully for migraine, acid reflux and food related issues. My son was suffering with issues around food and digestion and I was looking for a Homeopath here in Melbourne. Sinead was recommended to us by a friend as she was obtaining treatment for her son who had food allergies.

Thanks to Sinead, my son has been successfully treated for teething issues, repeated ear infections, recurrent colds and food allergies.

I would recommend Homeopathic treatment to children and adults of all ages. It helps especially in the area of food allergies and intolerances in children where western medicine does not help.

Shehana Amarasekara



I attended a Homeopathic First Aid course run by Sinead, and was impressed by her professionalism, passion, humanity and knowledge.  I decided to see her for Homeopathic treatment. I feel that homeopathy has helped me through some very difficult transitions.  Softening the landings when I fell and strengthening my core.  I have had great success with physical ailments too, such as Menopausal symptoms which were greatly alleviated through the use of homeopathics. Anyone can use homeopathy, and you don’t even have to believe in it (I do though) for it to work - it just does!

Kate Allardice - Midwife

Alice Springs


My 1YO had been up at night and had trouble settling for sleep for months when a friend recommended homoeopathy. Things started to improve right away after 1st and only consultation that we had on sleep issues. Six months later I could not believe this was the same child: I can hardly hear her at night and she settles herself now. The transformation is amazing! Since then I became a big advocate of homoeopathy and use it for my whole family. I also tried to find a specialist in the neighbourhood but there is no other like Sinead! Her thoughtful holistic approach to her patients is truly unique

Tania Vdovina

Seabrook, Melbourne


I suffered from severe lower back pain (L4, L5, S1) with pressure on the leg nerve for 1 year. I could not walk sometimes, could not go to work or do any daily stuff. I had tried an orthopedist and chiropractor along with doctors, pharmaceutical drugs, muscle creams, cortisone injections etc. I was recommended by a friend to try Homeopathy but I was very unsure if it would make any difference. I decided to give it a go. Sinead listened to my life and my character, my way of living and understood exactly what my needs were and how she could help. After a couple of weeks on Homeopathic treatment the pain disappeared and has never returned. Homeopathy is natural without future negative impact on the body and is cost effective. I would recommend Homeopathy to anyone with a physical or emotional situation who needs a therapy that will create a better life on all levels

Gal Ben Eliezer - Industrial Management Engineer



A few years ago I underwent a depression which nothing seemed to alleviate. I had tried conventional medication which had given me chronic side effects and an allergic reaction so I was keen to try homoeopathy. I consulted Sinead who was attentive and warm and very astute with the remedy she prescribed for me. The benefits were surprisingly swift and affective - the remedy basically alleviated my depression, bringing the sunshine back into my life. Since then I am a firm believer in homeopathy. I have used it in preparation for childbirth, during and post labour. My daughter responds well to remedies too. I would highly recommend Sinead as a homoeopath

Emma Fitzpatrick - Shiatsu Practitioner



I give heartfelt thanks to Sinead for helping our family through a difficult couple of years whilst our youngest son (now 17) endured chronic fatigue and which, after about 12 months, culminated in glandular fever. Before, during and following the acute stage of glandular fever, Sinead’s homeopathic remedies helped him enormously.

Throughout my son’s illness, Sinead recommended several different remedies depending on his constitutional symptoms, and she recommended also certain herbal and vitamin supplements to fight infection and improve his immune system. When my son’s glandular fever developed into tonsillitis, the pain in his ear particularly, but also his throat, were excruciating and the painkillers were simply not making a difference. I phoned Sinead and thankfully she was at home and available to talk. After asking me a series of questions, Sinead recommended a homeopathic medicine every ten minutes. Just after administering the third dose, he opened his eyes, took his hand away from his ear, and said the pain had subsided considerably - going from a 10 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10. The pain then disappeared shortly after.

My son undergoes a huge transformation once he has taken his constitutional remedy. From being a teenager who falls asleep during class, with no energy whatsoever, extremely grumpy due to his fatigue, and generally just lying around or sleeping as much as he can, he becomes his normal happy and energetic self, with plenty of get up and go to do the normal teenage things - play basketball, stay up late with this mates, and is able to fully focus on school and study.

I would recommend homeopathic treatment for babies and the elderly, as it is completely safe and gentle. Its also great for men who snore - it worked for my husband (thank you Sinead!) Homeopathy is great for any issue which is needing a holistic approach.

Maureen Kissane

Brighton, Melbourne


I have been using homeopathy for myself for almost 20 years now, and I have always found it incredibly beneficial. There is no doubt about it: Homeopathy works, BUT… only if you have a good homeopath!! After having my first child, I spent years trying to find a good Homeopath for children, and I was so pleased when I found Sinead. I had been struggling to help my son (now 5) with a whole range of issues including bed wetting, nightmares and fears, recurrent respiratory tract infections, and general well being, which is why I went to see Sinead in the first place. With her guidance and assistance, Tom was out of nappies at night within a month, stopped having nightmares and being anxious almost immediately, and started enjoying longer and longer stretches of good health and happiness between much milder illnesses.

Earlier this year (2011) I had another baby, who has struggled with her skin from day one: first it was cradle cap, and then eczema. Sinead has been wonderful with her too. Her eczema is now almost under control, and I only had to use a cortisone cream once!

I would highly recommend the use of Homeopathy to anyone who isn’t content with what traditional medicine has to offer to promote holistic well being for our children. I have found Sinead incredibly helpful because of the insight, reliability, availability, and care she offers. I feel very lucky to be able to count on her.

Laura Colgan - Full Time Mother

Collingwood, Melbourne