by Sinead Fine (MAHA)

~ Where personal transformation causes problems ~
Follow the path Spiritual Crisis/Emergencies happen when the growth and change, which is an inevitable part of life, becomes chaotic and overwhelming. Levels of awareness become too hard to handle, where spiritual images can abound. In such cases, individuals often suddenly and dramatically enter into new realms of mystical and spiritual experiences, which can last days, months or even years.

Reasons for Spiritual Crisis are many. The wide range of therapies available today, can trigger chaos such as bodywork and breath work as can training to become a therapist oneself. The death of a close relative or friend, or of having a near death experience oneself, can begin the unravelling as one begins to question their spirituality. Life transitions such a Birth, Commitment, Separation and Marriage can push one into crisis as they face the bigger questions in life. Drugs, especially hallucinogenic may cause upheaval. Addiction and the return to sobriety can trigger a Spiritual Crisis also. Some practices such as Cellular Healing, Meditation, Yoga, in depth study of Eastern and Western philosophies can cause one to question fundamental issues in life and lead to a restructuring of values, during which may occur spiritual crisis.

It is fairly common that spiritual practices and the accumulative effects of inner work will cause a Spiritual Crisis at some stage.

As the 21st century progresses spiritual awakening is increasing at an alarming rate. Often people are in danger of being misdiagnosed and could be treated for mental illness (depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders) while all along the body is just trying to heal the soul and bring it to a higher state of consciousness. Perhaps (as many believe) spiritual awakening on this scale is an indication of the next stage of evolution for mankind. So how can we help the process to evolve more smoothly?

There needs to be more widespread education on the causes, symptoms and reasons for spiritual crisis occurring. People need a framework in which they can understand what they are going through. There is a need for support and guidance from people experienced in dealing with spiritual crisis, whether they are counsellors, therapists, psychotherapists or those of a religious order or practice.

If one manages to get through the spiritual upheaval, they more often than not come to a place of contentment and oneness with themselves and the world around them. They have a greater awareness of themselves and their path in life – they live their life to the full knowing the mysteries of life and existence as they understand it.

My role as a therapist is to help those who are genuinely experiencing Spiritual Crisis as they make their journey to wholeness through the medium of Homeopathy.