by Sinead Fine (MAHA)

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward”
~Soren Kierkegaard

“The only way we can find peace in our own health, find the pathway that leads to liberation, is by changing ourselves, not by changing the world”
~Ayya Khema

Light in the darkThe false self you created to survive your childhood is no longer helpful in adult years. This false self was needed in childhood but now just creates confusion and blocking of the unique being that you are. This false self is generated as a defense against the anxiety of being a true self. Selfhood was never achieved in childhood. Who are you really under all the masks? Would it not be amazing to wake up in the morning knowing who you are, what you want in life and where you are going? You must learn to differiante between the false self and the real self. The real self is your intuition, the inner knowing, the spirit and the soul. The false self uses words like should, must, but, can’t, have to…

The false self wants the status quo of “control” to continue and does not want you to feel pain, yet the deeper self wants healing. Our deeper self shows us the signs of trying to achieve healing by the partners we choose, the friends we have, physical and mental ailments we suffer from and our dreams and nightmares.

I came to realise that many people in todays Western world do not have a sense of who they are, a sense of identity and boundaries. We have masks which we show to the world (the perfect white washed cottage) but on the inside we are a mess, and we are usually very good at hiding it from the world. But suppression and repression are dangerous games to play - the body will only allow it for a certain amount of time. Many of us are like a volcano about to erupt, a bomb about to blow – how long do we ignore the signs before we begin to self destruct?

Homeopathy can be an excellent therapy which allows us to get to the bottom of issues in our lives. It helps us wake up to the here and now and look at where we are stuck. It allows us to see the “life story” we have been playing out and can bring us to a state of awareness in which we can then make changes.

We must remember that in striving for the destination, it is only the path to it that is important.

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