Winter calmWhy call a Homeopathic website ‘Removing the Masks’?

We are moving into a time where healing is needed more than ever as we realise that career, materialism, religion, routine and structure are not fulfilling. We get the house, car and perfect job, only to feel hollow inside. We consume and buy without feeling satisfied. We search for more, for something that they can’t quite put their finger on. Perhaps what we are searching for is ourselves!

We realise that we need healing that looks at the whole person. Healing that is gentle, effective and which honours both ourselves and the environment that we live in. Healing where there are no harmful side effects or illness. We realise we want to be heard without judgment, without criticism, without blame.

Removing the masks became the name of this website because I believe that many of us walk around wearing masks. We show one face to our friend, another to our partner, another at work. We even get to the stage of wearing so many masks we no longer know who we are!

Homeopathy can help us answer the question of “Who am I?” “How do I heal myself” “What is my purpose?” “Where do I belong?” “What is the meaning of my life?”.

We cannot change the world but we can change ourselves. In changing ourselves the world can become a better place.

Sinead Fine uses Homeopathy amongst other therapies to help people come back to a state of health, well being, and satisfaction in their lives. Her approach is holistic, gentle, practical and compassionate.

The following articles discusses the issues involved with Removing the Masks: