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Threat to Homeopathy

At the moment, disturbing happenings are occuring in the UK.  My friend Selma (Registered Homeopath) from London sent me this email last week…..
“There is currently a very real campaign against homeopathy in the UK, particularly homeopathy on the NHS.   Many homeopathic hospitals around the country, including the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (UCLH), are under threat of […]

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Homeopathy and Pre Menstrual Tension

Pre menstrual tension is very common in Western women with various symptoms and causes.
Check out my new article about Pre menstrual tension, its causes and various tips on how to make each month more bearable. Homeopathy is very effective for women with hormonal issues but since it is not an acute issue, it is recommended […]

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Homeopathic Adventures in Ireland

Happy New Year!
Well before I move into the Homeopathic New Year, I thought I would mention a homeopathic conference I went to last June in my home country Ireland. It was part of the “Big Walkabout” trip that my partner and I made in 2007 (which included India, Nepal, England, Scotland and Israel).
I didn’t bring […]

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