For those people who believe that Homeopathy is a placebo therapy and negate all scientific trials of Homeopathic treatments perhaps they should consider plant trial results. There are thousands of plant trials from around the world that show Homeopathic solutions having an effect on plants.

One such trial is below…

 Effects of homeopathic arsenic on tobacco plant resistance to tobacco mosaic virus. Theoretical suggestions about system variability, based on a large experimental data set.
Betti L, Lazzarato L, Trebbi G, Brizzi M, Calzoni GL, Borghini F, Nani D.

Department of Agro-Environmental Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Bologna University, Italy.

CONTEXT: This research aimed at verifying the efficacy of homeopathic treatments by plant-based bioassays, which may be suitable for basic research, because they lack placebo effects and provide large datasets for statistical analyses. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of homeopathic treatments of arsenic trioxide (As2O3) on tobacco plants subjected to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) inoculation as biotic stress. DESIGN: Blind, randomized experiment using tobacco leaf disks. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum L. cultivar Samsun) carrying the TMV resistance gene N. TMV inoculated leaf disks were floated for 3 days in the following: Distilled water (control). H2O 5 and 45 decimal and centesimal potencies. As2O3 5 and 45 decimal and centesimal potencies. The main outcome measures is the number of hypersensitive lesions observed in a leaf disk. RESULTS: Homeopathic treatments of arsenic induce two effects on the plant: (i) increased resistance to TMV; (ii) decrease variability between experiments (system variability). CONCLUSIONS: In this experimental model two actions of homeopathic treatment were detected: decrease in system variability and enhancement of the natural tendency of the system towards an ‘equilibrium point’.

PMID: 14587686 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Coeliac Disease

According to the Coeliac Research Fund, 1 in 100 people have coeliac disease. 75% of these people are undiagnosed. 157,500 Australians have coeliac disease and don’t know yet! 

It makes sense why Natropaths and Homeopaths often get such great results by recommending a change in diet! The digestive tract is integral to our health. If there are problems with malabsorption then a wide range of issues can occur such as joint pains, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues and skin problems.

If you suspect you have Coeliac Disease contact your GP for a test. Also talk to your local Natropath or Homeopath about what measures you can take to feel better quickly!

Free course in Homeopathy

Many people ask me about basic books and courses on Homeopathy. Parents often find it hard to get to the First Aid courses I run so I often suggest books to read. I recently found out that Hpathy have a FREE foundation course in Homeopathy here. There are 13 chapters to complete within 45 days with a certificate awarded at the end. Its gives a basic understanding of Homeopathy and how to use it for oneself. I highly recommend it.

Hpathy ( is a great website for information on Homeopathy. One excellent resource is the section on diseases and suggestions of Homeopathic Medicines to help. Taking into consideration of course that you are matching the medicine to the ‘CHARACTERISTIC’ symptoms that you may display. For chronic conditions its always wise to see a Classical Homeopath who can help you.

I was reading the Hpathy online Homeopathic journal today and came across this article here. It’s by a Homeopath called Mary English and is very informative and entertaining:). She points out that Homeopathy is NOT a fad, quakery, hocus pocus or witchcraft and makes a good argument for the fact that it actually WORKS!

Each week I get phonecalls from parents about vaccinations. Its an emotional topic for many parents. HOWEVER many children have no ill effects from vaccinations. Homeopaths in their experience find that children whose parents or grandparents have a history of allergies, asthma and eczema, may be at increased risk of having reactions that can become chronic. It could be a hypersensitivity reaction to the virus itself (most however are not delivered live) or a component of the vaccine.

For those parents who want to vaccinate but are worried about consequences, Homeopathy can help. Medicines such as LEDUM can help to reduce any localised pain or swelling after the injection. The Homeopathic version of the vaccination mix can also be given to the child before and after the vaccination. This can reduce any potential side effects. It will not antidote the vaccination.

Parents who suspect their children have been affected by vaccination can contact their local Homeopath. Many times its discovered that vaccination is not the problem on enquiry. However if we suspect it is there are solutions at hand.

For more information click here.

You can contact your nearest Homeopath at

British GP Dr. Tim Robinson speaks about his general practice and how he uses homeopathy instead of,  or alongside conventional medicine. He gives examples of when he would use homeopathy and the results he gains. More can be read here.

An article from Dr Rajalakshmi (India) who has success with treating Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders with Homeopathy

Here are some links to parents who had children diagnosed with Autism.  With the help of homeopathy they now have healthy vibrant children.

Recovered from Autism

Impossible Cure

A documentary has been released by BlindDogFilms in the USA about homeopathy and its use in the treatment of Autism. Please click here to see it. A contemporary Homeopath that I have studied with, Dr Luc de Schepper (MD, PhD, CHom, DIHom, Lic.Ac.) is shown in this trailer. The results of his homeopathic treatment is quite evident. Dr Schepper is a classical Homeopath who has a deep interest in Special Needs Children. This year in February I traveled to Brisbane to attend a three day seminar with Dr Schepper on the Homeopathic treatment of Autism. He is returning next year to Australia to educate Homeopaths on further treatment strategies for Special Needs Children and I will be attending his seminar here in Melbourne.

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