by Sinead Fine (MAHA)

The East Bentleigh Homeopathic Health Centre focuses on Homeopathy. However, in a Homeopathic consultation, other therapies may be incorporated in order to best help the client.

When you make your first appointment a introductory pack will be sent out to you. Enclosed will be information on homeopathy so you can understand more before you come for your first consultation.

Please bring any medical records and test results you may have that are relevant.

In specific cases such as children with learning difficulties or ADHD I will ask a parent or guardian to come for a seperate appointment or before the scheduled time, in order to discuss their child. This is to ensure that when the child comes in for their consultation they do not feel like they are being “talked over”. If you feel comfortable to have a family member or friend present feel free to bring them. They will not be allowed to comment during the consultation but I may ask them a few questions about you afterwards to help me with finding the appropriate medicine. This is a method used in India with great success.

The first time you visit the clinic a consult will take about ninety minutes. I will want to know details such as likes, dislikes, modalities of a physical ailment (better by certain types of weather, worse by other types of weather). I will want to know how heat and cold affect you – which make you feel better or worse. I will want to know your fears and phobias, your desires, your hope for the future. I will want to know your past medical history, medication, bereavements, major happenings. The list goes on. I want to have a good picture of you when you leave, so that I can choose the best single medicine for you.

I may also recommend diet changes to help your condition recover faster. Where your illness is stubborn and has not responded to usual treatments I will order functional pathology tests to see what is happening and therefore guarantee a more focused treatment. I may also recommend supplements that you can get through the clinic or at your local health food store. For those with emotional and behavioural issues, flower essences can benefit - I use Irish, Californian, Australian and English essences.

You may take the Homeopathic medicine every day, every month, or just once off. This depends on the particular remedy and the improvement gained. You may be given the medicine in liquid or pill form. Many homeopaths use pills or tablets but I find liquids are more gentle on the body. The mother tincture of herbs may be used for external applications. The East Bentleigh Homeopathic Health Centre mainly uses a small amount of alcohol or glycerine for preservation of your medicine.

A very sensitive person will be recommended to avoid Peppermint, Camphor, Mint toothpaste, drugs, and coffee, as these are believed to cancel certain remedies. However most people do not need to avoid these as the right medicine will work regardless.

It is also important to prevent non absorption of a medicine, so don’t have a taste of food in your mouth half an hour, either side of taking the medicine.

Store the medicine in a dark place away from heat and strong odours.

If it is the proper medicine, you will soon begin to feel better. An excellent sign is taking to the bed for a few hours of deep healing sleep.

If you take the medicine and you improve, decrease dosage, or stop altogether. This is one of the golden rules of homeopathy.

If you follow the instructions given with your medicine, it is very rare that you will experience any effects other than healing.