by Sinead Humphries (MAHA)

Homeopathic medicines should be stored away from light, strong smells and electromagnetic rays (television, mobile phone). Medicines should be taken away from food and drink by at least ten minutes. A strong taste in the mouth can sometimes interfere with the absorption of the medicine.Homeopaths can differ on how they administer medicine, some giving powder, and pills while some give medicine in water. I prefer to give my medicines in water as I find they are more gentle and effective.

Homeopathic medicines vary in their strength also. A standard potency to use at home and for acute conditions is the 30c Potency. You can visit your local Homeopath who can make you up individualized kits for home use.

Instructions on how to take your Homeopathic Medicine will vary depending on what condition you have. I give different instructions depending on if the condition is acute or chronic. A cold is an acute condition; life long eczema is a chronic condition. You should never treat yourself for a chronic condition. A chronic condition is anything lasting more than six weeks. You should be in contact with your Doctor and contact your local Homeopath for constitutional treatment to increase your vitality and wellbeing.

I give medicine for acute conditions in 15ml amber glass bottles with a dropper for easy administration. (These can be bought in the pharmacy). I also add alcohol or glycerin as a preservative in the medicine. I will also give homeopathic pills if the patient or parent finds this easier.

These are the instructions I give for acute conditions.

“Succuss bottle (bang strongly against the palm of your hand or a hard cover book) containing the medicine 7 times. Place 7 drops full of the medicine in half a glass of water (filtered or bottle water). Stir the glass for a few seconds. Take one teaspoon of liquid from the glass, hold under the tongue for a moment before swallowing. This is called one dose.

If the homeopathic medicine is in the form of pills, then simply put 1 pill under your tongue and allow to dissolve. Do this as often as is needed.

How often you need to take a dose depends on the urgency of the condition. You would give frequent doses for a more sudden and strong condition (e.g. fever) while less frequent doses for a slowly developing illness (such as a cold coming on for a few days). My rule of thumb is the more sudden and intense the condition then take the medicine every five to fifteen minutes. For a slowly developing condition a dose every two to four hours is enough.

  • The most important factor is to STOP taking the medicine when you feel 50% better in your acute condition. If you are 50% better the medicine is already working and you do not need more.
  • If symptoms return, resume the medicine.
  • If your illness symptoms seem worse immediately after taking the medicine, stop the medicine and wait. This is a sign the medicine may have been slightly strong but will work none the less. You should expect a reduction in symptoms within a short time
  • Also if after six doses you see no difference, you probably selected the wrong medicine. This is a good time to ring your local Homeopath or consult a Homeopathic First Aid book.
  • Of course also contact your doctor or go to hospital if a fever is too high or your symptoms are worrying. The above instructions are only for minor first aid conditions.

An excellent book on treating First Aid and Acute conditions is The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro. You will find it in most book stores and libraries. Also consider taking some First Aid classes with your local Homeopath.

The advice given on this website is only a guideline as many medicines may be used to treat the same condition. Not all medicines are mentioned in the articles. If you are new to Homeopathy, it is always wiser to refrain from self treatment and visit your local Homeopath.