by Sinead Fine (MAHA)

Eczema is the bane of many a persons life! The first road to recovery is to identify any irritants or allergens that may be causing or aggravating the problem. Functional pathology tests may indicate food sensitivities for example and a restricted diet may be needed for some time. Common foods which may aggravate skin problems include cows dairy products, wheat, gluten, eggs, citrus and additives.

You may need to change cleaning products and most alternatives can be found in the local supermarket. Choose natural creams to apply to the skin such as Calendula cream or ointment for healing and Urtica cream for itching. There are many topical options in health food stores and it takes trial and error to find the cream that works for you or your child. Emulsifying ointment should be used to wash with instead of soap. Putting oats in muslin or an old nylon stocking and putting it under the running tap in the bath can relieve itching. It is important to allow sweating in order to release toxins from the body. Cotton should be worn as often as possible as synthetic material can aggravate eczema.

A good wholefood diet with plenty of Essential Fatty Acids are needed for healthy skin function. Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids in particular are needed as they affect prostaglandins thus reducing inflammation. A good example of Omega 3 is Fish oils. For vegetarians Flaxseed oil is a good alternative. Other nutrients which are needed to help eczema are Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc.

When a person has a skin problem its always wise to look at the digestion. Many times eczema has been cured by aiding the digestion with Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes.

To see effective change one must be on a diet change and supplements for at least 3 - 6 months. Generally Homeopathy needs around the same amount of time, although cure can occur much quicker in some individuals.

It is important to let the body sweat to eliminate toxins and cotton should be worn as often as possible. Stress can trigger inflammation so self help measures should be taken such as meditation if it is a cause. Use emulsifying ointment from the Chemist in the bath rather than soap which dries out the skin.

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