by Sinead Fine (MAHA) 

 Hay fever symptoms can be greatly decreased by the use of Homeopathy. The medicine however needs to fit the person’s characteristic symptoms. One person may sneeze all the time, another may have burning eyes which a third person may have a bad headache. Hay fever is a chronic problem (recurs every year) and therefore should be treated by a Homeopath rather than self administration

However there are some remedies listed below that may help acute conditions.


Watery eyes which usually don’t itch or burn with a runny nose like a dripping tap! The nose can burn and feel irritated. Sneezing is common and you will feel better out in fresh air.


This helps intolerable itching of the eyes if EUPHRASIA does not work. Allergic asthma like ARSENICUM


Here the eyes burn and the runny nose cause the upper lip to become raw, red and inflamed. You will be restless, sensitive to light and become quite exhausted with your symptoms. You will wheeze with your Hay fever and have asthma like symptoms. You will generally suffer from many allergies and get anxious about them.


Red burning tearing eyes are the worst symptom. You will blink and rub your eyes often. You feel better outdoors than indoors though you may be trying to avoid the pollen!


You will find that your nose runs like a tap but ALLIUM CEPA does not work. You will sneeze often and everything feels itchy and irritated. You will crave salty foods and sip at glasses of water. You are private and keep emotions close to your heart.


This is for the ultimate sneezer with many in a row which becomes exhausting. Your nose will be runny and inside will be itchy. Your eyes will be inflamed and red. You seem to have fewer symptoms when eating! You may get nosebleeds with your symptoms or a throbbing headache in your forehead.

Homeopaths may also use HISTAMINE in homeopathy potency to help with pollen reactions. Since Hay fever is a chronic condition it needs to be treated with constitutional treatment to prevent reoccurrences the following year as well as acute medicines. Over the space of a few years a person with the help of Homeopathy may become HAYFEVER FREE FOREVER!