by Sinead Fine (MAHA)


This can often be a sign of lack of Essential Fatty Acids in your diet. Take more healthy oils into your diet and take supplements of evening primrose, borage or fish oils. Reduce saturated fat in your diet such as dairy, meat and fried foods.

For your scalp leave diluted Cider vinegar in the hair overnight, which can help fungal scalp infections.

If the scalp is dry, apply heated olive oil and leave overnight. Hydrate with minerals by using a product such as Dead Sea Scalp Mud or specialised treatments. Try not to itch and don’t apply gel, moose or sprays to the hair. Above all, don’t colour the hair as this can aggravate your already sensitive scalp.

Often a person has a tendency to get dandruff throughout their whole life and constitutional homeopathy can help in these cases.