by SineadĀ Fine (MAHA)

Constipation is defined as defecating less than three times per week! In Chinese medicine not defecating at least once per day is considered constipation. Every person is different in how terrible they feel per days of not going to the toilet.

Carrots and parsnipsStart with an apple or carrot mono diet for forty-eight hours to give the digestion a break. From then on every morning on an empty stomach, drink lemon juice in hot water and wait half an hour before eating breakfast.

Increase soluble fibre found in porridge, muesli, fresh or dried fruit, seeds and juices. Drink more fluids, take more oils in the diet, and exercise more. Check your blood pressure and if high take measures to lower it.

The liver and gallbladder are very important organs with a sluggish liver being a main cause of constipation. Therefore it is very important to cleanse the liver with the aid of herbs such as Milk thistle, Burdock, Dandelion root, Yellow dock. Made a tea with 25 g of daisy heads and 25g of nettle leaves and put two teaspoons in boiling water and infuse for ten minutes. Drink three cups of this tea a day to cleanse the liver and bloodstream. Swedish bitters helps to stimulate bile so take some before each meal.

Honey is slightly laxative as is prunes, figs, apricots and dates. Linseed taken every morning washed down with two glasses of water help to move along faecal matter. Peppermint capsules can also help regular bowel movements and also reduce flatulence and cramping pains- take one tablet three times a day before meals.

Reduce stress and look at what you may not be letting go of in your life.

Homeopathy is very effective at helping stubborn constipation. However constipation is often a problem existing over years and therefore it is better to see a professional homeopath to get a constitutional medicine.