by Sinead Fine (MAHA)

Seen as small water filled blisters or moist inflamed patches, which burn and itch, and can leave painful tears in the skin. It is highly contagious and socks should be changed daily. If you share the bed with another, wear socks (100% cotton) until the infection passes.

Avoid synthetic socks and shoes, especially trainers. Soak feet each night in a tea tree footbath and afterwards rub in some peppermint or tea tree lotion. Rub Calendula cream into sore cracks between the toes. Some people find the best treatment is Calendula oil applied directly to the affected area morning and night.

Each time you wet your feet, dry with a new towel. Clean the shower base often.

Apply Aloe Vera gel to sore, red itchy parts. Walk barefoot as much as possible and wear sandals often.

Homeopathy can be effective in the treatment of Atheletes Foot.  Please contact your local Homeopath for constitutional treatment.