SunsetBelow are articles about common ailments that can be alleviated with some simple suggestions. I mainly use Homeopathic medicines in my practice, but due to my knowledge of nutrition and natural healing I will suggest diet and lifestyle changes where appropriate. I have been strongly influenced by nutritionist Patrick Holford  who is the founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. I believe diet and lifestyle changes make a big impact on our health and the Swiss natropath Dr. H.C.A.Vogel has influenced me greatly with his wisdom. I also look to the teaching of well known Natropaths Dr. Bernard Jensen and Alfred Jacka for their practical philosophy and clinical wisdom.

I have a special interest in Gastrointestinal problems, Infertility, Women and Children’s health issues and Autistic Spectrum Disorders in my daily practice.

For information on how to administer Homeopathic medicines for acute conditions, click here.