by Sinead Fine (MAHA)

The training of a Classical Homeopath varies around the world. In Australia in order to become a Homeopath I had to complete a FOUR YEAR FULL TIME Health Science degree at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. This was after already finishing TWO YEARS of a Diploma course in Ireland.

Training in Australia involved science, health science, homeopathic and clinical subjects.

Science and Health Science subjects:

Anatomy and Physiology



Clinical Skills and Examination (for example blood pressure, respiration, neurological tests etc)

Counselling and Interpersonal Skills with a knowledge of contemporary psychological styles,

Human Disease Processes and Pathology (ability to understand all body systems and their functioning),

Microbiology and Epidemiology

Nutritional Medicine (ability to understand nutrition in the body and create healing by dietary changes),


Research and Critical Enquiry

I also took subjects in Business skills, History and Philosophy of Natural Medicine, Flower Essences and Iridology.

Homeopathy subjects:

Understanding what can and cannot be cured by Homeopathy. History and Philosophy of Homeopathy. The understanding of the Vital Force and a body’s need to maintain homeostasis. Learning how to prescribe with Constitutional, Drainage, Layer and Miasmatic medicines. Learning over 1,000 of the most common Homeopathic medicines and their characteristic signatures. Case Management and the treatment of complex cases. The latest developments in Homeopathy around the world. Emphasis was on the latest scientific research and research projects were undertaken in group and individual format in fourth year.


From third year I was expected to treat patients in the campus clinic.  After taking the case of a patient I would then present it to my supervisor with my diagnosis of the issue, rationale for prescription and treatment plan. If I was not convincing enough I was sent to do more research before prescribing. I also had to research the western diagnosis (for example asthma), medical interventions and pharmaceutical drugs as part of the overall picture. Clinics were on a weekly basis for all semesters of Third and Fourth year.

The training was intense but well rounded and gave me the confidence to go out into the world and use Homeopathy confidently and scientifically. I continued my training in India with Dr.Farokh Masters at his clinic in Mumbai. I continue ongoing education in order to hold my licence to practice. One example of ongoing training is via seminars with Dr. Luc de Shepper who is a world authority on Autistic Spectrum Disorders. I would highly recommend those interested in Homeopathy in Australia to study with the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. The lecturers are some of the most well known Homeopaths in the world and their research subjects especially are up to date and scientific.