Sinead HumphriesSinead Fine (MAHA - Member of Australian Homeopathic Association) is a fully registered and experienced Classical Homeopath who runs the Fine Health Clinic in Upwey, Melbourne, Australia. Her qualifications include:

  • BHSc Homeopathy
  • Member of AHA
  • Registered with AROH
  • ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage
  • ITEC Diploma in Reflexology
  • ITEC Certificate in Stress Management,
  • Diploma in Health Food Retailing Business Management
  • Cert NCVA Holistic Health Studies
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Permaculture Design Certificate

To read more about the my indepth training to be a Classical Homeopath, please click on the link at the end of this page.


Sinead was born and raised in rural Ireland. Since early childhood she has been fascinated by mysticism, mythology, religion, psychology and philosophy. Luckily, she was given the freedom to explore these areas at an early age. This led her to research healing methods and energy work systems for answers to life’s deepest questions.

She studied anthropology in Maynooth University after finishing high school, before taking Holistic Health Studies in Crumlin, Dublin. Here Sinead studied Yoga, Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology and Massage and gained qualifications in Massage (ITEC), Stress Management counselling (ITEC) and Level Two Certificate in Health and Social Studies (NCVA).

Sinead at the Cliffs of MoherOver the following ten years she continued her studies in Ireland while she worked in the Health Food Industry. During this time she gained widespread knowledge in herbalism, homeopathy, nutrition and supplementation. She also achieved qualifications in Reflexology (ITEC) and a Diploma in Health Food Retail Management (Dip HFM).

During this time Sinead made her own flower essences from native flowering plants and experienced the healing effects of Homeopathy and Psychotherapy on herself. She visited Joe Mullally at his Anam Spirit Healing Centre, in the Wicklow mountains over many years to learn skills in psychic development, healing, life ritual, hypnotherapy and divining.

Sinead also engaged in a three year apprentice in Core Shamanism with Cait Brannigan of the Immrama Foundation. This involved learning to heal from the perspective of the person as a whole, influenced by the world around them and their ancestors.

Sinead then became part of a group of health practitioners who set up Bridgewell Healing Centre in Clare, Ireland where she had a successful practice in Massage, Reflexology, Flower Essences and Shamanic Healing. Sinead enjoys writing and was a regular contributor to Immrama, an Irish based earth spirituality periodical for over three years. She has also written for other spirituality magazines in Ireland and abroad.

At the top of the world in the HimalayasDuring this period she also travelled extensively, and visited Europe, South East Asia, India and Australia. During her time in Australia she experienced a strong connection to the landscape and the people.

Because of Sinead’s deep belief of spirit (energy) in all things, she then went on to study Homeopathy in the Burren School of Homeopathy in Ireland. Her desire to return to Australia became an imperative, and after a year in the Burren School she moved across the world and transferred to the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne to complete a BHSc in Homeopathy. Sinead was asked at her graduation to give the Graduation Speech on behalf of all graduates. Sinead also won the Endeavour Award for ‘Most Oustanding Student for the Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy).

During her early years in Australia Sinead also gained extensive experience in Group therapy, Rebirthing, Jungian psychotherapy, Dynamic meditation and Family Constellation.

Pestle and MortarSinead is now a practising Homeopath, Intuitive and Permaculturist. In her practice Sinead emphasises natural healing and a balanced diet and lifestyle. Her philosophy is that greater healing comes with greater self awareness. Her approach is friendly, down to earth, practical and compassionate.

Sinead also has a special interest in archaeomythology, mysticism, psychology, ritual, symbolism, social ecology and permaculture. She is inspired daily by great thinkers such as Carl Jung, Marion Woodman, Starhawk, Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Stanislav Grof, R.D Laing, Fritz Perls, Ken Wilber and Joseph Campbell.

Please contact Sinead if you wish to make an appointment at the Fine Health Clinic.